Signs we do too much googling

This morning, Serenity asked me to show her draw a pig. I said I don’t know how. She said google it, as mommy always did. So I googled how to draw a pig, and it comes up some results. I showed her the wikihow step by step animations. Now she is into wolf :-)

(Update 02-19-14) This reminds me similar phenomenon in software development area, the popularity of sites like, coupled with some of the flaws in technology books/documentations, make me search much more and read much less. As a matter of fact, one of the iPad book author, Kurby Turner, mentioned this phenomenon in his learning iPad programming book.

Serenity got sick

She got some fever, and cough. Not too bad, but a nice two days break from her school. Reflecting on this “kids got sick/fever” topic, I recall a few instances when she was much younger, and we were really worried sometimes. I recall in one winter evening, she couldn’t stop coughing, I walked to nearby Walgreens in blizzard condition, the road is totally covered, and after I got there, I found out the cough syrup is really not for young babies. Even now she is 4, as the doctor told us today, honey might be do much better compared to cough syrup.

Recall in one summer, she got fever, was sleeping on bed, I can tell her short breeze, or difficulty to breeze. Of course before she turns to 2, we already worried more when her temperature hits 102 F. This is a bit loosen as she gets bigger, and today I picked up a “20 myths about kids fever” print out at doctor office, and I agree with some of the things talked about there.